About Ai Yen

Hi I'm Ai Yen.

I am at stay-at-home mom of a very active & lovely boy & I also work-from home as a freelance web producer .

I have been doing multimedia & web design/producer for so many years that I'm too lazy to count on. The interesting about me as a web designer/producer for me is that I haven’t got time & don’t see a urgent need to construct a website or blog for myself. { Reasons: I've always treated Computer as a tool for work, so if I want to relax & stay away from work is to have the computer keep away from me! And now I’m slowly getting myself into blogging and creating my own site to showcase of my work.

I picked up scrapbooking as a hobby after I gave birth to my boy. I passed by this scrapbook store “Make with Love” in Singapore and saw the beautiful scrapbook layout with daily photos how it has been recording & celebratng of life… I start to fall in love with scrapbook. I love handicraft but haven’t been doing much ever since I started full time working… now I have the opportunity to stay & work at home, I am going to start crafting again -  yes, I will be a hybrid crafter!


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