About KaRen

Hi I'm KaRen.

I'm a wife and mom in Singapore who is addicted to creating art and handcrafts. I will always need beauty in my life, it's something I cannot deny. Usually, I work full-time but right now I've taken time off work for a while.

The Meaning of "Aichaku 愛着":

愛着 in Japanese (kanji) is pronounced, "ai-cha-ku". I adopted it as my online moniker because I identify so much with the meanings attached to the words. It refers to a feeling of deep attachment, the mind and maybe heart too, being drawn to familiar things, that are hard to put away. I'm always so drawn to the Japanese philosophies of aesthetics and beauty, including such as 物の哀れ (mono-no-aware), the pathos that surrounds a brief but truthful moment of transcient beauty and truth (my own interpretation). 愛着 in Chinese, is written in the similar way, pronounced as "ai-zhao" and means that you fall in love with something deeply.

So much of the world is full of pain and darkness but there is much beauty to be seen if we can find it. How wonderful to have a heart and mind open to receiving the beautiful. Is there a way we can capture the brief feeling of happiness when we see the sun rise, especially if we are glimpsing it through the bars of a prison (emotional or literal)? I need to keep creating and I feel like through doing it, we make life sweeter. This is what I hope to create through my little pieces of art and crafts. 

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